Revolution Cycles recognizes those travelers who stop in at our shop on their way through Washington.  Many travelers are from all over the world and they all have a great story.

If they have a link to their website or blog, feel free to contact them and offer your support, ask questions, or just follow their progress. 

Thank you for stopping in at Revolution Cycles.  We wish you the best on your journey.


We have skipped a couple travelers but will get their information up soon.


08/10/2013     Dustin & Katy Kelm

                              From Minneapollis, MN

                              Riding UNICYCLES unsupported from Savanah, GA to Eugene, OR

                              They are riding in support of Syrinan refugees.  See their info at refugeride.org.  They have just the packs on their backs, and cycles.  Stopped in during their stay in town to say hi and pick up some supplies.  



05/25/2013      Ed Devlin  62

                                 Farmville VA

                       Riding to Fairbanks Alaska  6000 miles.  To see if I can do it.

                       "I've never been to Alaska!"

                       Minor repair to bicycle. 



05/25/2013       Erich Rohmer

                                   St. Gallen, Switzerland

                       Riding RAAM route – For Fun

                       Trying to qualify for 2014 RAAM

                       Began in Oceanside 11 May.  Must complete in Annapolis by 28 June

 Erich Rohmer


 05/15/2013       Nick Shaner

                                   Traveling from Baria KY to somewhere on the west coast.

                                   Got a wild hair and started a trip.  Is riding the Katy Trail  and then to Kansas City.

                                   Likes to check out all the bike shops on the way.



4/30/2013         Harold McKenzie

                       Originally from Owensville, MO.  Riding from Beach Springs TX to Union MO

                       60 days on the road.  2000 miles covered

                       Why you leaving Texas?  “Too Hot!”

                       Had worn out chain, cassette, chainrings.  Did his own work on the sidewalk.




9/26/2012         Dan Stromberg 46        from Largo FL

                       Riding to Winipeg Canada   began 9/8/2012

                       1983  Always liked riding.  Thought about a cross country ride.

                       Festina Recumbent.  Broken carrier bearing.  Had new part mailed to 

                       Marthasville.    Brought it in for us to repair.



09/26/2012       Warrior Ride across America    12 riders  started 9/22

                                   Oceanside CA – NY City Ground Zero..Goal is to make it in 8 days


                                   Grant Savage  USMC  NYNY


09/13/2012       Elizabeth and Fred Burt  66 & 69yo

                                   Started in Belfast MN April 07 Section at a time.  going to KC this trip

                       Adventuring across the country on old rail beds, gravel roads, trails.

                       Had to hike across White Mts

                       Lakes region of MN  Canoed to VT

                       Cycled to Lake Champlain.  Canoed across the lake in 2 days

                       Cycled to PA Alegheny mts.   Hiked to MD

                       Cycled to Ohio then hiked to St Louis.  47 Days

                       Shipped bikes to St. Louis Restarting ride




09/06/2012       Dan Carlman

                                   Puyallup WA – Washington DC

                       Trike Recumbent

                       Son lives there, has a new dog. Going to visit.

                       Looking for directions.  Retired.




07/24/12          Cody Somons

                       Will Nitze

                                   Astoria OR – Washington DC

                       Rear tire worn completely out.  Having problems with flats.

                       Team Rubicon – Veteran Disaster Relief


06/26/12          Mark Yeaton

                                   Columbus OH

                                   Riding RAAM course – all 3000 miles

                       International disaster emergency services

                       Support by wife and son

                       Stay at super 8



06/02/12          Craig Child

                                   KC – St. Charles

                       Has to get there in time to see US/CA soccer game

                       Long ride in Lieu of Ragbrai

                       Bad tires on Katy trail.  Got new Super Sports. And motivated to go on.



05/24/12          Steve Quam     66

                                   Adisto Isl SC – Newport Oregon  4000 mi

                       Riding to raise awareness of parkensens – Davis Finney Foundation

                       Need shoes and chain.  Wore out from walking the hills

                                   Also motorcycles.



05/21/12          Bradley Smith

                                   Australia, living in London

                       LA – East coast  RAAM Course

                       Riding a Cannondale Ironman with backpack on. 

                       Needed tubes.
















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