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RAAM 2021

  1. Welcome to RAAM TS34 2021

We are excited to bring you one of the best time stations on the course. 

It's our pleasure to be here to help the racers and crews of this, the hardest bicycle race.

Join us in the upcoming days as these super racers race though our towns having been on the road from Oceanside CA on their way to the finish at Annapolis MD

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2021 Current Events and Daily Updates

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It's HOT!!    Delay in Setup for TS34

Apparently its HOT, and looks like it's windy as well.  Already a couple racers have been battling dehydration and illness.  An already small field gets smaller.  

At TS34 we have the supplies out of the warehouse and ready to set up, but will postpone until Monday afternoon.  We are waiting for a few more supplies to come in, and the first racers arent expected until late Tuesday.  Enjoy your Father's day.  We will see you soon!!

This guy...

2021 marks the 13th year TS34 has been up and running, but it is with heavy heart that we have to begin our setup without this man, Chuck Steib.  Every year Chuck would just pop in from time to time to make sure we had what we needed and had enough help.  Then he would show up early on set up day, sweep, clean, and chastise me for not keeping him busy enough, and then stay late to be sure everything was going to be just the way we wanted it.  During the week he would show up with his son Chuck, grandson CJ, lovely wife Kathleen, and his friend Gil.  We could always count on Chuck to be there to help, to lighten our load, and to bring us wine.  This past spring Chuck passed away of health complications that he fought hard to overcome.  We will all miss him greatly.  

Set Up Day Sunday June 20 12-3pm

Help us convert our parking lot and shop into TS34

We will be setting up for the race on Sunday.  We need help with the basics, so stop by.  Push a broom, hang a sign, carry a load...The more the merrier, and the lighter the load.  

We made TS34 great, but only with the help of many.